The World’s Best Mineral Waters

The world is currently experiencing a water crisis, with many of the world’s developing countries having almost no access to clean drinking water for the majority of the population. Many of us are extremely lucky not only to have access to clean water, but to have access to delicious natural spring water. I’ll share with you my favorite brands of mineral water and I encourage you to try each one of them out. They offer a truly delicious experience, and while you enjoy them spare a thought for the millions of people who currently have no access to clean drinking water and perhaps donate a little to one of the many fantastic water charities who are working towards the goal of making it so no one has to drink dirty water.

Volvic: This is a classic mineral water that’s been around for many years and is for sale in a lot of countries, including the UK and the US. The water its self is from volcanic springs in France. The water is filtered by multiple layers of volcanic rock, which both filters out impurities and adds healthy enriching minerals. The water its self is one of the more flavorsome waters and is delicious on its own or with a snack.

Voss: This is a Norwegian bottled water and they come in really well designed, small bottles. The bottles are designed to be very efficient and pleasing on the eye. The thinking behind Voss’s bottled waters are that the entire water drinking experience can be enhanced with aesthetic and tactile design and I’d have to agree, it really does make the whole experience that much more enjoyable. It just doesn’t taste the same out a glass. There’s something quite special about drinking water out the Voss bottles.

Fine: This is quite an expensive water priced at around $5 for 750ml. It’s an incredible tasting water. Pure, crisp and refreshing. It comes from the spring beneath Mount Fuji in Japan. The bottle its self is stunning and if you can afford it, it’s really worth the money. You’re paying for a complete drinking experience.