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What Is The Safe Temperature For Baby Food And Formula?

Babies are very tender and sensitive. What may seem warm to us could be very hot to them. Hence it is very important to check the temperature of the food or milk you feed them, before it can touch their tongues.

Safe Temperature

One key rule to follow with baby food is, it should never be over heated. It can be warmed up to match the desired temperature but refrain from overheating it.

Here are some tips to follow when you are –

Heating milk or breast milk

When milk is refrigerated, they tend to last longer. However, we cannot feed it cold to the baby. It needs to be heated up before consumption. There are many bottle warmers in the market. these warmers enable you to heat the milk without having to use the stove or transfer contents between the bottle and the vessel.

When you buy a bottle warmer, ensure you go in for a reputed brand and check the reviews by other parents before you can buy it. I can recommend these bottle warmers as they are what I use and have never had an issue with them. They are comfortable, light and compact. I can even carry them on my road trips and never have to worry about the cold weather freezing my baby’s food.

Once you heat up the milk, test the temperature before you can give it to the baby. Shake the bottle well and pour a little on your wrist or the inner part of your elbow. These areas are very sensitive and if it is too hot for your hand, them it is too hot for the baby.


When you are microwaving the food, always heat it in a separate bowl. This allows you to stir and taste the food before feeding it to your child. This allows you to check both the temperature and the taste of the food.

Best Electric Guitar makes

A guitar and its make can never be rated as it is mostly personal experience and opinion. Every guitar feels different in different hands. This is one reason that a musician could never be judged with the instrument he plays. How he plays is dependent on so many factors and a brand or make alone could never define a quality. Also a well trained musician could put every instrument to very good use as the talent is what matters more along with passion rather than the price range of instrument or brand. This has led to guitars being available in a lot of price ranges.

According to many reviewers worldwide like marshall jvm 205h, Gibson and Fender are the most popular makes across the world. The liking that most players have towards these brands has made them stand apart among so many other makes. Fender is a world leader in making guitars and their products sell the most when it compares to guitars. Just the name Fenders is enough for a newbie guitarist to go all gaga and invest on one of it. The quality of the makes and the tone obviously has made it quite popular.

Gibson, although a smaller company than Fender, has its own fan following. Gibson electric guitars have got their name popular among a humongous population of musicians. There are entry level guitars and the most popular levels in guitars which a musician can choose from. The entry level guitars by itself are of great quality and could be used precisely for bands and concerts. We have seen so many great musicians using the brand and representing them because of the tone quality and make. As they are available in different price ranges, they are quite affordable and hence quite popular even among budding musicians.

Birthday Present Gifts And Reviews

If you are here, then you must be the world’s best boyfriend who spends some time to browse to gift your girl with the best gift ever. Here are some of the tips for you.

Soft toys:  Do you think that soft toys are only for small girls? No, actually not, even grown-up girls love it too. Try to gift them one on their birthday and know how they feel.

Chocolates: It is not necessary that only the birthday babies have to give chocolates to others. You can also gift them with a big pack of chocolates. Mind that it has to be a big pack of exotic chocolates that they have never tasted before.

Big Gifts: If you are not strict on your budget and are ready to spend any amount of money, then gifting a car is the best gift. If not, try gifting them a brand new smartphone and engage them throughout the day. My friend gifted an iPhone to his girlfriend and her joy knew no bounds.

Jewels: Girls like to be adorned with luxurious jewelry like a diamond. They like their boyfriends to admire their beauty. So, a diamond necklace is never a bad choice for your lovely girl.

Apparels and accessories: Girls like to be dressed attractively. Gift them a trendy wear with matching a set of accessories like earrings and bracelets.

Books:  Youths of these days read a lot of books. The taste for their books varies from one another. If your girlfriend is in the habit of reading books, then it can be a good add-on to the birthday gift.

Personalized Gift: A personalized gift is a way you can express your love to her. A lovely pendant close to her heart with your initials or your name engraved on it is an appropriate gift for your loved one on her birthday.

So, do you get an idea about what to get your girlfriend for their birthday? Why do you want to waste your time?  Log in to the shopping site and order her an awesome gift.

We shop so you don’t drop

We often come across this slogan, “Shop till you Drop”, but the recent one is ‘Shop so you don’t drop’!! Well, what’s the connection and what’s the change? Read on.

Everyone loves shopping, some have reasons and some don’t. but, at the end, they all love to shop, bring in things, get involved in some renovating home, office or cabin. Few studies have made a research on the shopping experience and the lifespan. It has been observed that the people in the age group of above 50, who shopped daily had better lifespans than their counterparts, who didn’t do.

The reason might be many, one among them that we guessed was, the walking that it involves, which is a great physical activity to anyone, and that has boosted them to stay active.

Well, here are few more benefits of shopping:

Lightens and lifts your mood:

Yes, who doesn’t love to shop? Omg! All of us love to get out, get some butt moving, and get some favourite accessories or garments. Well, the thot of shopping itself raises your mood, thinking about where to go, what to buy and blah blah. The Sale period is unbelievable, like the souq deals that you won’t believe will give you a happy heartache!! iPhone on sale for a cheap price, bags, accessories and garments too, all at a throwaway price!!

Shopping lowers the stress levels:

Why do you get stress, when you are shopping? Or you are about to go? Yes, shopping reduces your stress levels drastically, as you get energised and enthusiastic about the shopping experience. Scientifically, when you shop, you hold interactions with people, and you already have your pal, best friend or mom, or sister or spouse with you, buying your favourite thing, so stress has no place in your head.