Sanitizing Devices For Dentures

Just like you brush your teeth daily to free them of food remnants and dirt, your denture also requires routine cleaning. The traditional ways of cleaning denture are:

  • Soaking and brushing it with a soft brush and soap after removing from mouth
  • Keeping it overnight in a solution of denture cleanser tablet
  • Brushing denture with cleansing creams, gels or pastes and rinsing off.
  • Using a denture cleaning device

Studies have revealed the presence of pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast, and virus on partial and complete dentures. We can kill them completely by sterilizing or reduce the number of such pathogens to non-threatening levels by disinfecting or sanitizing.

The denture cleaning procedures at home usually perform sanitizing and there are several sanitizing devices in the market which use ultraviolet (UV) light for cleaning the dentures placed in a bath. Short wavelength UV light disrupts the DNA of microorganisms which die upon the loss of vital functions.

Mechanism of UV irradiation

UV sanitizers are typically manufactured with two or more bulbs (light source) to irradiate both sides of the denture kept in the UV bath. This is because dentures are solid objects and have crevices and cavities. If sufficient light exposure is not given on both sides and to cover the maximum surface of the denture, the cleaning will not be efficient. Microorganisms may still be clinging to the particulates adhered to the corners.

To increase the completeness of cleaning, many sanitizing devices are provided with an additional cleaning mechanism of sonic vibration. Ultrasonic sound waves are used to vibrate the dentures placed in the bath in addition to the UV lighting. UV sanitizers do not use any kind of chemicals for cleaning. Water alone is sufficient to rinse your denture while using these devices.

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