Old School Trends For Men That Are Coming Back

Fashion is a funny industry. What is good today will be gone tomorrow and will come back again another day. Your style is your own. It does not have much to do with the changes in the fashion industry. Trend is what the current preference of the fashion industry is. This trend keeps changing from season to season, thanks to all the designers sitting around the world.

There are many old school trends that are coming back and making a big appearance in the men’s fashion industry. Some of them are:

Track suit Sets

Earlier men and women were seen wearing two pieces of matching track suits. The top and the bottom will be in sync. As time went by, people shifted to loose and stylish tees over the track pants. Then the track pants changed to tights and T-shirts were replaced by quick dry t-shirts that fit the body like a glove, to show off the abs and muscles.

Today the track suit sets are making a comeback and one can expect to see many colors and styles in this line.


A working man was never without a briefcase. Then came the days where men never carried anything to work apart from their phones and headphones. This was convenient for those taking the metro in the morning or riding a bicycle. The briefcase is coming back in style, with a bang and is here to stay for a while. My proudest purchase is this leather briefcase that makes me look stylish and serious despite what I wear or how I commute. People notice and the treatment I get is very different from when I was going free hand.

Long Shorts

The long shorts which was forgotten when you got out of school, are back. Pair them with a well structured formal shirt and a classy belt, you will look stylish and smart instantly.