A guitar and its make can never be rated as it is mostly personal experience and opinion. Every guitar feels different in different hands. This is one reason that a musician could never be judged with the instrument he plays. How he plays is dependent on so many factors and a brand or make alone could never define a quality. Also a well trained musician could put every instrument to very good use as the talent is what matters more along with passion rather than the price range of instrument or brand. This has led to guitars being available in a lot of price ranges.

According to many reviewers worldwide like marshall jvm 205h, Gibson and Fender are the most popular makes across the world. The liking that most players have towards these brands has made them stand apart among so many other makes. Fender is a world leader in making guitars and their products sell the most when it compares to guitars. Just the name Fenders is enough for a newbie guitarist to go all gaga and invest on one of it. The quality of the makes and the tone obviously has made it quite popular.

Gibson, although a smaller company than Fender, has its own fan following. Gibson electric guitars have got their name popular among a humongous population of musicians. There are entry level guitars and the most popular levels in guitars which a musician can choose from. The entry level guitars by itself are of great quality and could be used precisely for bands and concerts. We have seen so many great musicians using the brand and representing them because of the tone quality and make. As they are available in different price ranges, they are quite affordable and hence quite popular even among budding musicians.