The Best Flip Flop Buying Guide

Come summers and you want to  bid a farewell to the socks and closed shoes. It is the time of the year when a casual foot wear is all you need. They not just keep your feet open and allow them to breathe but also help deal with the heat.

Flip flops never fail to give you the comfort and relaxed feeling of summer. But again, shopping for flip flops need not always be the ‘straight from the drug store’ variety but then they need not be the most expensive designer flip flop that was ever created.

You can get the most comfortable flip flops at a reasonable budget. But there are certain features that you need to look out for while you go shopping for flip flops.

  • The material: Never opt for flip flops that are made of cheap rubber. These will heat up in the sun and cause your feet to burn. Also chances of a cheap rubber flip flop to get heated and cracked are very high. Even if you do not wish to invest a fortune, make sure your flip flops are made of good quality rubber, foam, leather, plastic or suede. Fabric flip flops are some of the best options.
  • The weight: If your flip flops are heavy, they practically do not serve the purpose. They will make your feet drag and slow you down. It is best to try the flip flops once before you buy them. It helps you get an idea how they feel while walking
  • The Sole: this is very important, as the sole of the flip flop tends to bear the weight of your body. Plastic flip flops often have smooth soles which could cause an imbalance or slip especially while walking on a smooth surface. Make sure the flip flops have enough grooves and friction to maintain good balance.
  • The stitch: The best flip flops for walking are the ones that are stitched. The ones where the foot support is mechanically attached to the sole are not the most sturdy. Such flip flops carry a risk of giving way especially while walking down a slope.