Don’t be boring buy a customize your t-shirt

Graphic T-shirts are all about making a statement, ushering in a revolution and fostering a culture that the wearer identifies with and wishes to announce to the world. There is no better way to express yourself than to customize your cloth; regular tees are passé.

A foolproof marketing strategy

If you are an upcoming business and want to reach out to the masses customized t-shirts are an effective marketing strategy. You can give your staff and also as corporate giveaways garments embellished with your logo, motto or design. A graphic shirt is like a billboard; thus, every time anybody wears your dress they will be advertising for your company. Besides being a marketing strategy, customized tees are cost-effective depending on the method of printing you choose.

Different methods of printing

An interesting ensemble of customized tees has revived the fashion scene like nothing before. Varying colors, humorous slogans, and abstract designs frame the garment of your choice. The most common methods to give shape to your ideas on tees are:

  • Printing directly on the garment – A recent entrant to the market, it is ideal for intricate printing and for a full spectrum of colors. But it is not suitable for bulk printing as it is expensive.
  • Screen printing– It is ideal for bulk printing. It is fast, economical and accurate. It can be used on any color and any material efficiently. It is not suitable for small-scale printing needs.
  • Heat transfer printing – This is cheap and easy to use a method that can be used to print even multi-colored images with minimal mess. It is suitable for home businesses.

Budget is the prime area of focus during any shopping expedition. That being the case, you can choose any of the methods mentioned above for your needs based on the quantity and quality that you are looking for from websites like But whichever method you choose the benefits remain the same.

Benefits of customized t-shirts

Besides promoting a business, customized t-shirts have other benefits like making you stand out in a crowd with your own distinctive style and make a statement. They make great gift items as they add that special personal touch to a boring tees and transform it into a unique attention seeking object.