Do you have a dog who suffers from travel anxiety? Anxious dogs can really be difficult to handle. Like most of us, our pet dogs also have to deal with anxiety issues which really put them off color and make them distressed and troubled. Having to deal with anxious pets especially with dogs who have travel anxiety can really be a serious issue for people who need to travel with their dogs. Most dogs enjoy car rides and just traveling in general but there are some who are simply petrified.  Other forms of travel like air travel, ship travel also cause anxiety in dogs.

What is travel anxiety in dogs?

Moving in closed vehicles can really make some dogs feel claustrophobic and stressed. For most pets, especially dogs being confined to closed environments can make them feel suffocated and distressed. Usually, this happens for the first few times and then they slowly overcome it.

Symptoms of dog travel anxiety

The moment your pet comes to know you are going to travel, he will go and hide somewhere.  Car anxiety can surface in many forms like barking, getting irritable, scratching, getting restless and even car sickness. Not only will you dog cause injury itself but such erratic behavior may cause damage to property and other co-passengers. Many a time it has been recorded that travel is often associated with vet visits by dogs and hence they seem to be psychologically affected.

How to help relieve your dog during travel

Along with mild medication that can make your dog a little drowsy, there are certain other soothing and calming aids like an anxiety patchthat can really relax your dog and make him feel less stressed out. Get this for your anxious dogand let your dog also start enjoying travel and make you also relaxed and comfortable. This patch will slowly ease your dog and he will start feeling happy and joyful.