To have the best workout experience, it is very important to wear clothes that are comfortable, breathable and flexible.Depending on the type of yoga you do, the fabric should be chosen. Usually, cotton, polyester and spandex are fine for stretching and yoga as they allow to flexible movement.Wearing the best cotton yoga pants can keep you comfortable throughout the session.But if you do some rigorous yoga then you must pick fabrics that are long lasting and moisture wicking such as nylon that keeps you dry even if you sweat.Thus choosing the right fabric is very essential.

  • The thickness of the fabric is rated based on the weight which can be ranging from 180 GSM to 310 GSM. GSM means grams per meter square.
  • While purchasing, go through the fabric content mentioned since it will help you to pick the suitable fabric that will be long lasting, retains their color, holds you in and do not sag or bag after it is washed.
  • Nylon can be a great option for such garments because of its durability. It is considered as the strongest fabric of all sportswear.
  • Nowadays, a lot of varieties in natural and synthetic fabrics are available. These fabrics will not let you get soaked in sweat and will keep you dry. Such garments have an additional chemical finish for enhancing the performance that allows it in quickly drawing the moisture along its nonabsorbent fibers and then it is transported to the exterior of the garment.
  • Nowadays compression clothing is preferred by people which helps in improving circulation during the physical activity and also after you are done for helping to alleviate sore and stiff muscles and also its helps in hastening muscle recovery. Compression clothing can be helpful in stimulating blood flow, reducing lactic acid build up and also can help in preventing soreness and any muscle fatigue.