Potty training gets easier if started early as toddlers have a will power no one could match! If you have a particular set of ideas you wished your toddler will follow, the success rate could actually average on his mood swings! As both boys and girls need to be trained a different way, similar training concepts never work.

A mother’s life will be easier if the father could potty train his son, actually showing how it is done to make the matter much easier. This way, they learn faster rather than listening to their mother in all theory. It is also wise to teach them to sit and you also need to buy a potty seat that would actually give the child the freedom to choose between standing and sitting!  Once you’ve purchased a good toilet seat for your child, you can begin training them in earnest.

Buying suitable potty training equipment – training pants, toilet seats, portable standing urinals (for boys) is the second priority. These things should be made ergonomically so that your child is comfortable using them. You could sit and relax once your toddler is completely potty trained where in you could feel my boy can now pee like his daddy! Encouraging the toddler to concentrate and aim or to use a stool for position could work like a magic. Also keeping children diaper free and checking frequently if they want to pee will get them used to elimination communication. Also a defined set of routines while potty and pee training will help them focus.

A good behavior always needs a reward. Just encourage your child and appreciate when he communicates. Let him know you are happy! Also the other important thing is to let go when there is any accident. Any sort of punishment could actually deteriorate all your efforts backfiring at you!