We often come across this slogan, “Shop till you Drop”, but the recent one is ‘Shop so you don’t drop’!! Well, what’s the connection and what’s the change? Read on.

Everyone loves shopping, some have reasons and some don’t. but, at the end, they all love to shop, bring in things, get involved in some renovating home, office or cabin. Few studies have made a research on the shopping experience and the lifespan. It has been observed that the people in the age group of above 50, who shopped daily had better lifespans than their counterparts, who didn’t do.

The reason might be many, one among them that we guessed was, the walking that it involves, which is a great physical activity to anyone, and that has boosted them to stay active.

Well, here are few more benefits of shopping:

Lightens and lifts your mood:

Yes, who doesn’t love to shop? Omg! All of us love to get out, get some butt moving, and get some favourite accessories or garments. Well, the thot of shopping itself raises your mood, thinking about where to go, what to buy and blah blah. The Sale period is unbelievable, like the souq deals that you won’t believe will give you a happy heartache!! iPhone on sale for a cheap price, bags, accessories and garments too, all at a throwaway price!!

Shopping lowers the stress levels:

Why do you get stress, when you are shopping? Or you are about to go? Yes, shopping reduces your stress levels drastically, as you get energised and enthusiastic about the shopping experience. Scientifically, when you shop, you hold interactions with people, and you already have your pal, best friend or mom, or sister or spouse with you, buying your favourite thing, so stress has no place in your head.