The idea of shopping until you drop is indeed fascinating. How about saving some money and time to delay dropping and extend shopping even more.

Reckon these before you shop –

  • We often are in a hurry to land in a store every time we fall short of a grocery item or anything else. Think, if you can find it from a local market vendor, or if borrowing can help your one time requirement.
  • In a super mart/one stop shop, follow the list you have prepared and avoid loitering in the unplanned avenues of the store. The super stores are strategically designed in a way to allure people into buying more than what they have come for.
  • Consider a low price substitute, but do not compromise on quality. There are less fancy markets in and around every society, which offer good quality stuff for everyday use. Consider buying from them before racing to your go-to store in the mall.
  • Buying in bulk is arguably considered the most profitable thing to do. However, it isn’t every time. Buying for the whole quarter is blocking your money and dwindling your monthly budget, nothing else. Refrain from doing it.
  • Buy fresh green grocery. Tin and vacuum packed grocery items are old, stale, preserved and most importantly highly expensive. Stroll around the vegetable market while returning from your evening walk and fetch freshness for your kitchen on a much reasonable price.

Your love for buying from a good-looking, sparkling store may never lessen, but who would mind the same thing in an economic way. It gives one a great boost, when you have saved a substantial amount of money like this. ‘Saving’ in any form, gives every household, a fresh whiff of oxygen. Budget making and sticking to it is the ever-challenging task for every house administrator. Some nifty little tips would lessen the challenge, perhaps.